Strong foamed Push Up bra DANDY NAUTIQUE by Lise Charmel

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The shape of this specific foamed Push-Up bra is stronger than the regular Padded Bra for the cups A and B BUT it is lighter for the cups C and D


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LA ROSE NOIRE lingerie likes a lot this specific type of Puh-Up bra because it will show a beautifull breast eather in little cups such as A and B OR in bigger cups as C and D !


in cup A or B : Strong progressive cups bra
= > Presence of non-removable strong foamed pads inside each cup for a beautiful pushed low neckline
in cup  C or D: “light” foamed cups bra
 = > There is not any strong foam pad inside each cup in order to obtain a normal curve of your breast.


• Adjustable spaghetti straps
reference : ACG8544DC

Designed and Manufactured in France


Reference : ACC8585AR